By Coby L Cyr Ochrietor

Imagination To Life!

Contact me for pricing on multiple cels/bulk orders. Discounting may be available!

Cel Restoration

I offer cel restoration services if you need inking touched up or some new vinyl paint laid down on an original production piece. Use the contact form for more information! Starting at *$15 (price based on non complex line fading)




Your imagination is where we'll take a trip together! Decide if you want an original character from a book you might be writing, a screenshot recreated from a favorite anime, yourself as an anime character, or just an image of that gorgeous male or female toon swirling in your head. 

Custom cels will be hand inked with Koh-I-Noor and Painted with cel-vinyl on 12 field round punched clear cel sheet. Finished cels are recommended to be matted in a 8x10 opening mat and framed.

Illustration & Digital Art

IL-LUS-TRA-TION (noun) A. a picture or image that is used to decorate or clarify a text B. An example that is used to clarify or explain something. Starting at *$5.(*see price chart below)

Custom Animation Celluloid

CEL-LU-LOID (noun) A. one of the transparent sheets on which the constituent drawings of an animated film are prepared B. a transparent sheet used as an overlay in artwork. Starting at *$50. (*see price chart below)